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Our Story

 As long as we can remember we have been building. From the time we were 6-7 years old we were building forts, treehouses, and log and bark lean-tos. As we got older we began helping our dad build houses, learning to pay attention to detail (framing to 1/16" or less), respect the work, and in general to do the best we were capable of no matter what we were doing. 

In 2017 a local log home maintenance contractor was retiring and our founder, Jared, bought the business. In order to learn how to do the maintenance in the best way possible Jared attended Sashco's Zero Failures class, a premier training class for refinishing and maintaining log homes. After several years of providing log home maintenance we came to learn that very, very few log homes are built correctly in a way that will minimize the effects that weather naturally has on wood.

It didn't sit right with us that even though we were doing the best that we could when refinishing, the maintenance would still need to be repeated much sooner than it should have due to poor home design, so we decided to start building our own log homes. We studied and learned from world class log building masters and instructors to learn the skilled art of crafting custom handcrafted log homes which we now provide to clients all across the Western United States.

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